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Our company

Saborgrana was created one fine day with the calling to introduce healthy food into people's diets. That is why we have launched an exciting project where we sort the fruit ourselves and then process it to produce a vinegar of the highest quality.

To shape this project, we rely on the contribution of farmers and friends, who provide us with the necessary keys to select the best produce grown on the best-located farms in the country. This ensures a quality product of 100 % Spanish origin.



Consumption habits have been changing over time and have become more pronounced in recent years, as has the way we consume food.


It has been a challenge for us to transform this magnificent fruit into a product that can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time, without losing its essence and maintaining all its beneficial health qualities - WE HAVE ACHIEVED IT! We are talking about our cherished Pomegranate Vinegar. But we are not going to stop here, that's why we have also surprised with the launch of Sweet and Sour Vinegar as well as our Vinegar Cream.


It brings a splash of life to salads, meats, fish and any dish that comes to your mind.

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